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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Simply! Just purchase your physical Venice Insider Pass from our website. We lovingly hand deliver it to you within 2-3 business days. You show your pass to your waiter or at the register upon check out and you’ll receive the benefit that participarting place offers.

  • The offer is always available! So, enjoy the VIP treatment! The benefits are subject to change as vendors may want to customize offerings. We’ll alert VIP holders to any updates via email and Instagram.

  • In this first iteration, VIP is a physical card. There is no app associated with it. Nor is there a bar code.

  • Venice Insider Pass is intended for a single user, as each card bears an individual’s name. It’s important to note that some participating places, like Green Goddess, do require the name to match an ID.

  • Each participating VIP partner determines their own benefit. Offers are subject to change. We will alert VIP holders via email and Instagram if there is any change. And you can always view our website!

  • VIP is valid for one year from the date of purchase giving you plenty of time to enjoy all the benefits it offers!

  • Absolutely! VIP makes for a fantastic gift. Simply provide the recipient’s details when purchasing and we’ll deliver the card directly to them. Easy.

  • We’ll email you. But also, follow us on Instagram so you for sure won’t miss any updates!